Wednesday, July 20, 2016



A beautiful morning. A student doctor (third year) and a consultant stood in front of the elevator, with different experience of few decades.

Me: Good morning, Dato'! 

Dato' S: Good morning.

-An awkward silence....-

Me: (trying to break the silence) How are you, Dato'?

Dato' S: I'm about to ask you the question. 

Me: I'm doing fine, Dato'. (elevator opened)

Dato' S: Which rotation you're in?

Me: Surgery, Dato'. 

-Both entered elevator-

Dato' S: What do you have, today?

Me: CP, Dato'.

Dato' S: What is CP? (ding!)

Me: Err, case presentation.

Dato' S: Who taught you word 'CP'?

Me: My colleague.

Dato' S: Don't use the abbreviation. CP can mean cerebral palsy. (ding ding!)


"Don't expect everyone can understand your abbreviation." -Prof Y

In medicine, many abbreviations have few meanings. For example:-
1. PID: prolapsed intervertebral disc // pelvic inflammatory disease
2. RA: rheumatoid arthritis // retrograde amnesia
3. CBD: continuous bladder drainage // common bile duct

Different doctors can use the same abbreviation but mean a different thing. Unless you're sure the other doctor can understand your abbreviation, do not use one. 

One thing i learn today. 

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