Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Me, Myself, and I


Born on 2nd August, this is 99% true about me, being an August baby.

1. Outgoing personality, takes risks.
Errr, not so sure about outgoing. Kadang tu lagi suka duduk seorang dalam bilik. Tapi kalau diajak keluar, jommmm. Tentang mengambil risiko memang tepat sekali. For me, what's the fun of life without risks.

2. Feeds on attention.
Errr, kinda true. Especially Leo, memang suka di center of attention

3. No self-control.
Haha, sometimes. 'Do it first, regret later' kind of brave man. :p

4. Kind hearted.
Depends on what is your definition of 'kind'. Maybe to exclusive people who deserve my kindness.

5. Self-confident.
Sometimes, when it's needed.

6. Loud and boisterous.
Loud, yes. Energetic.... when i do what i like.

7. VERY revengeful.
That capital letters say enough. Your worst enemy.

8. Easy to get along with and talk to.
I'm quite shy but, when i start to feel comfortable, i can talk about almost everything with anyone (even strangers). We can talk like we know each other for long. That is utmost important for me as a future doctor.

9. Has an "everything's peachy" attitude.
Love to try new things. 

10. Likes talking and singing.
Talking depends on situation. Singing.... yes, i do love karaoke. Sometimes singing alone (with or without earphone) and sometimes with my comrades.

11. Loves music.
Yes, i do. I love new songs, like to up-to-date. And even enjoy the old favourite songs (anyone remembers 'Jangan Lafazkan' and 'Sembunyi', and also 'Jika'?)

12. Daydreamer.
Oh, i love daydreaming, sometimes in lectures. Someone said to me: 'dream is free'.

13. Easily distracted.
Yes, very easily. Usually can't focus for more than 5-10 minutes. Love multi-tasking so much.

14. Hates not being trusted.
Of course i do. Trust is very important for me.

15. BIG imagination.
Sometimes very big. The power of imagination.

16. Loves to be loved.
Love being pampered, and feel secure to know that i am loved.

17. Hates studying.
Well, the reason why i usually study late and become a last-munute expert.

18. In need of 'that someone'.
Always, feel safe being loved.

19. Longs for freedom.
Don't like to stick to the rules.

20. Rebellious when withheld or restricted.
Almost similar to number 19. When i am withheld, i rebel.

21. Lives by 'no pain, no gain'.
Pain is the only way. Hard works always beat lazy talents.

22. Caring.
You cannot find a better one.

23. Always a suspect.
Don't know why.

24. Playful.
Work hard, and play hard too.

25. Mysterious.
Unpredictable with that sense of mystery.

26. 'Charming' or 'beautiful' to everyone.
Lovable, tee-hee.

27. Stubborn.
When i say A, it's A.

28. Curious.
Yes, i'm a curious cat. And i guess, it makes me a good doctor.

29. Independent.
I enjoy being with friends, but I don't have problem being alone. Never been to boarding school, I adapted quick in my college years, first time being away from family.

30. Strong willed.
Never give up before it's lost. Hard to be stopped when i'm determined.

31. A fighter.
It's the last quality in the picture, and I guess it's the most correct. If there is one word to describe me, I pick this.


Can't be anyone else.

It's me, myself... and I.

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