Monday, May 26, 2014



What a night. What a night....

A night where dream of all Malaysians shattered. A night where the long wait continues. A sad night where the last soldier fell under mounting pressure. A night where the last man standing was unable to withstand the burden of hope of the entire nation on his shoulders. It was just too much.

 Don't know where to start. Everyone gives their heart. Fight it like hungry warriors. Battle it like brave soldiers. They went down fighting.

Congratulations Thomas Cup 2014 badminton squad. You made us proud.

No one would have predicted Malaysia to go this far. Very weak (weakest among the big boys) on paper. But they show us the courage, determination, and spirit to bring back Thomas Cup since their head coach, Rashid Sidek won it in 1992 (before i was born). Yet they fell just short.

I've waited my entire life to witness Malaysia win Thomas Cup again. And i have to wait more.

Winning the first single, and first set of first double, Malaysia seemed clear to lift the prestigious trophy. After that, it seemed all lost. The second single gone, and first set of second double out. Then, Malaysia equalized the tie. One set down, 10-16 down in second set, the decider looked like all Japan. Malaysian third single fought back only to crumble at the very last hurdle.

What a fight. What a fight...

It took total five hours and two minutes of action on court to decide the champion. What a clincher. 3-2. Unforgettable night for Malaysian. It's very pity that i can't tell my children that i witnessed Malaysia crowned as the winner.  22 years after the famous 3-2 win in 1992, we got very very close. To the rubber game of third single. 

The dream continues. Good night.

Sri Petaling

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