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They Do It Again

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Never write off Manchester United. They have been warned.

It seems like Aston Villa never learned something from the other opponents that have been beaten in the same manner like they did last night. Leading 2-0 earlier in the second half and being left disappointed by the final whistle. Who's to be blamed?

Aston Villa 2-3 Manchester United

This master tactician did it again. I was one of the witnesses when the league leader turned the terrible first half to the superb second. Aston Villa were under continuous pressure for the last forty minutes and defended their goal at will. In the end, it is just not enough. 

Against opposition like Manchester United, you have to play for 90 minutes. You know they will make a fightback. The history always told that Red Devils just would never give up. It is in their tradition since Sir Alex Ferguson was appointed as the coach more than two decades ago. United are famous for that and they are the king!

Is it a lesson not learned? Aston Villa made mistake. They lead 2-0 just too early. They know if United are left behind, the team will spark into life. And that was everything that happened. 

In this 'super-sub', Sir Alex Ferguson has made a tactical masterpiece. That ability is the reason why he has beaten an encyclopedia of managers. He realized that the first half was awful. He found out that Ashley Young, was not in the game. In fact, Young has been booed all night long by his ex-fans.

'Super-sub' title might be too low for a striker of Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez's quality. In most of the other Premier League teams, he would be the first team player. It is a disgrace for the hat-trick hero last night that he was starting the match on the bench. He changed the game after replacing Young for the entire second half. And he was pivotal.

Trailing two-nil, some people have wrote Manchester United off. However, it did not stop Paul Scholes to make an outrageous over-the-top pass to release Hernandez's run. Hernandez's first touch was brilliant. Then, he had a slice of luck when the ball fortunately ricocheted off his boot and put him in a good position to score. He did not disappoint, and finishing low between the legs of the keeper. 1-2, game on!

Second goal showed a combination of awesome attacking arrays. Wayne Rooney's tremendous through ball worthy of a perfect cross. Right-back, Rafael provided a marvelous right-wing cross and someone was waiting at the far post. Who else? Hernandez, with his instinct and intuition, yet again positioned himself at the right place and at the right time. His natural predatory movement forced the equaliser, although it was via a deflection off Ron Vlaar. 

The goal might be counted as an own-goal even though the shot may be on target. All in all, no one can take the credits from the Mexican magician.

Robin van Persie can declare himself as unlucky when he hit the crossbar twice. First, he attacked Rooney's left wing corner and head it firmly to the stationary bar. Less than a minute later, he stepped from right flank and shot with his deadly left foot from outside of the penalty box. Yet again, the crossbar denied him. Or maybe he did target the crossbar indeed.

Although he did not get in the score sheet, no one can prevent him from getting an assist. The scoreline was 2-2, and the clock showed 87 minutes of game play. Anderson was being fouled and United got a free-kick near to the middle of the field. RVP used his left foot and the ball floated perfectly for Hernandez to head the ball to the back of the net for a heartbreaking scene in the eyes of Villa fans.

They do it again. The comeback king rules. Aston Villa's mistake is that they led 2-0 too early and faced the tiring pressure from the Red Devils' attacking unit. Hernandez was too hot to handle and the pace of Valencia - even when the game was near to an end - in the right flank caused a lot of problems. Villa fought bravely but the fightback of Fergie's men frustrated them.

Second-half substitute, Hernandez bagged a treble and deservedly the hat-trick hero title. Another important thing is that he won the match-ball as the game match-winner. 

p/s : The picture is taken from ManUtd gallery. Sorry for a bad English. I'm trying to practice it.

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