Monday, December 16, 2013



Four letters, infinite definitions
From man to woman
From adult to children
Meanings are different

Prayers from distant
hope in silence
wait with patience

When you love someone
you're vulnerable 
Allowing yourself to be hurt
Letting your heart to be broken
Permitting your dreams to be shattered
Granting the key to destroy you

Leaving you to pick up
the little pieces of your heart
Glueing them together
to be broken over and over again

But still
you have the courage to try
without knowing why
To love for another day
To fight one more time

Because love
is beyond forever
Eternal is too short a limit

You cannot explain love
Love is beyond words
in all dictionaries

Even if you get nothing 
in return
you still want to love
because it is pretty
More than eyes can see 


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