Sunday, December 15, 2013



Nak cari kawan masa senang tak susah. Nak cari kawan masa susah yang tak senang.

Aku nak kongsi beberapa madah tentang 'kawan', 'sahabat', 'teman' 
atau perkataan yang sinonim dengannya.

"The language of friendship is not words 
but meanings."
Henry David Thoreau

"Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. 
Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. 
Just walk beside me and be my friend."
Albert Camus

"A friend is one that knows you as you are, 
understands where you have been, 
accepts what you have become, 
and still, gently allows you to grow."
William Shakespeare

"Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, 
but what you want is 
someone who will take the bus with you 
when the limo breaks down."
 Oprah Winfrey

"A friend is someone who knows all about you 
and still loves you."
Elbert Hubbard

"Sometimes being a friend 
means mastering the art of timing. 
There is a time for silence. 
A time to let go 
and allow people to hurl themselves
 into their own destiny. 
And a time to prepare to pick up the pieces 
when it’s all over."
Octavia Butler

"I value the friend 
who for me finds time on his calendar, 
but I cherish the friend 
who for me does not consult his calendar."
Robert Brault

Aku suka kata-kata Octavia Butler. Tetapi ada benarnya kata pujangga William Shakespeare. Sahabat tahu apa yang kita pernah lalui dan mengapa kita berubah, tetapi masih menerima kita. Makna yang cuba disampaikan Shakespeare diringkaskan oleh Elbert Hubbard.

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